A group means there's even more people around a table. 

We love groups. 

To make your Holiday experience smooth, we'd like you to pre-order a fixed menu for all groups over 15. 

(For smaller groups it works perfectly too.)

To request a table for your group, you can send us email to 

Or you can use the handy form below. Just fill in all details in the Group request form and we'll get back to you!

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Oysters added to every group menu +3 € /oyster

Shared starters:

Sweet potato Fries - velvet mayo | toasted sesame

Chicken Karaage - ginger | lime | coconut | shiso mayo

Kale salad (V) - cauliflower | avocado | strawberry yuzu | tahini | cashews

Feta salad - watermelon | lemon tzatziki | mint | Santorini capers

- - -

Tokyo Bowl - flamed salmon | avocado | pickled ginger | dragon carrots

(For vegetarians: Avocado Bowl (V) - crispy teriyaki tofu | avocado | pickled ginger | dragon carrots)

- - -

Lime Cheesecake - passion fruit | strawberry

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