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Vappu Eve & Vappu Day will be celebrated with a special menu at Holiday. Join the party!

Vappu Eve 30.4.

1st seating: 17.00/17.30-

2nd seating: 20.00/20.30-

Vappu Day 1.5.

1st seating: 11.00/11.30-

2nd seating: 14.00/14.30-

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Shared starters:
Sashimi salmon, roe, white daikon and furikake
(For vegetarians: Heart of palm, white daikon and furikake)
Crispy rice cakes, avocado, watermelon radish and ginger
Charred broccolini, tarragon béarnaise, crispy asparagus and seaweed 'caviar'
Potato flatbread and dill
- - -
Grilled octopus, salt-roasted potatoes, burnt tomatoes and sea asparagus (L, G)
(For vegetarians: Lemon and thai basil veef, salt-roasted potatoes, burnt tomato and sea asparagus)
- - -
Tahini brownie, rhubarb and mascarpone

KIDS VAPPU MENU 20 € (5-12 yo.) 

Shared starters: 

Sweet potato fries, mayo-zu 

Crispy rice cakes, avocado and watermelon radish 

- - - 

Fried salmon, salt-roasted potatoes and lemon mayo 

- - -  

House-made soft ice

Holiday 5 Web

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